About Truman Griffin

A life-long love of fitness and a personal passion for finding the spark that inspires others to be their best. 

I am thankful my parents instilled a love of exercise in me from an early age. I grew up playing baseball and in 9th grade I got my first taste of lifting weights. The first workout with the baseball team was squats, and I was so weak I could not even squat the bar ten times. That night I got home and begged my parents to buy me a weight set. From then on every night after practice I went into the garage and lifted weights. After a year, not only was I much stronger, but I had a newfound confidence that carried into all areas of my life. I felt better about myself, and I found myself to be more outgoing. From then on fitness became a huge part of my life. I discovered working out was something no one could take away from you. Eventually I stopped playing baseball, found an additional passion for acting and performing, and fitness has been by my side the entire time. As a certified personal trainer, it is a huge honor to help people reach their fitness goals and to instill in them a lifelong passion for exercise.

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A true professional

We have been impressed by Truman Griffin as our personal trainer. We were impressed with was Truman’s attention not just to the workout but making sure we did appropriate stretching before and after each routine. You know you have a great trainer, when they focus on both the routine and stretching.

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More About Truman Griffin

Truman Griffin is an ACE-certified personal trainer based in Atlanta, GA. He provides home, outdoor or private gym training sessions locally and virtual training sessions nationwide.