Winding back the clock!

“I’ve been training once a week with Truman since April. As a 63 year old overweight woman I asked Truman to assist me in my fitness journey and help me to strengthen my core. Along with my own personal journey losing weight using Weight Watchers, Truman has helped me gain strength and flexibility, tone and increase muscle mass and has motivated me to move more and feel good about myself. I credit Truman with helping me to the point where I have been able to postpone hip replacement surgery indefinitely! His cheerful demeanor and genuine sincerity make training a joy, not a punishment. He actually cares about his clients and makes the training session enjoyable as well as productive. I actually look forward to his visits once a week and I never would have said that about exercising in the past!! I still have a long way to go, but I know the journey will be more pleasant with Truman helping me.”

Jill E.