We may train hard, but I want to make booking and managing your training sessions easy.

I've built a new booking experience to make it easier for you to manage appointments, 24/7, manage the appointments within your purchased packages and see the history of all your purchases.

atlanta personal trainer truman griffin

Choose between single or couples packages

Choose a package of appointments that best suits your training goal and budget. You may purchase a discounted personal training package of anywhere from 4 sessions to 36 sessions with various frequency (1-3 times per week) and spread over various timeframes (1-3 months). 

NOTE: For clients who have sessions remaining from previously booked packages, we will work through those as normal and then you can purchase and manage your next package through the new experience. 

truman griffin fitness new booking experience

Book appointments at time of purchase or later

At the time of purchase of your package, you may choose to book some of your appointments, however it is not required. By clicking on the My Account link in the menu (small round icon with person on laptops and tablets), you may come back and book more of the appointments in your purchased package at a later time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Packages have fixed timeframes with a 2-week grace period. All appointments must be scheduled in the time frame stated.

truman griffin fitness new booking experience

Manage Your Appointments on Your TRUCrew Dashboard

To see what packages you’ve purchased, how many appointments are left, and to book remaining appointments, go to your TRUCrew Dashboard by clicking on the small person icon in the top menu (“My Account” on mobile).

Truman Griffin Fitness new booking experience dashboard
truman griffin fitness new booking experience

Click on a current package that has appointment slots remaining to book. Then, click the “Book” button to search for available dates and times within the remaining window of your package. 

truman griffin fitness new booking and package experience